LISD Annual Retirement Ceremony

LISD Retirement Ceremony
Posted on 05/26/2017

 LISD Retirements 2017
By: Lauren Rochelle, junior
On Wednesday, May 24th, LISD staff, and family gathered together in the Lyon Center to celebrate the retirements of Mrs.Cardenas, Mr.Fernandez, Mrs.King, Mr.McDowell, Ms.Stiller, and Mrs. Wann. Opening remarks were made by Dr.Burnie Roper to kick the ceremony off. A delicious spread of food lined the walls and tables and people were released one by one to sate their hunger. A heartwarming speech was made by J.J. Johnson, who reflected on the gift that teachers are to this world. Despite him only being with LISD for a year, he has acclimated well and made connections with the staff.
Tributes to the retirees were made by Mrs.Morris, Mrs. Rabidas, Mr.Button, Mr. Poludniak, and Dr. Roper. The emotion in the air was tangible as touching speeches and rhyming poems were made about the retirees. Mr. Johnson even stated that ”The tributes was one of my favorite parts.” After tributes, Service pins were awarded in honor of distinguished service. People like Mrs.Gray and Ms.Davis were awarded for being at Stacey for five years or more to Mrs. Santoyo and Mrs. Hernandez for being with LISD for over Twenty Years! At last the ceremony ended with some door prizes, which could be won by matching the numbers called out to the ticket handed to you at the door.
Thanks to all who had a hand in putting together this wonderful ceremony!