2017 Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program

2017 Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program
Posted on 11/09/2017
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2017 Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program 

By Abriana Himantog, junior 

"To serve is to live." -Frances Hesselbein


From October 22 to 27, I had the opportunity to meet up with 9 other students from all around the world at West Point Military Academy to further develop our leadership skills as a part of the 2017 Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program. Undergoing an amazing and thought provoking week Anna Javins of Wylie HS, Laura DeLeon of Robert G. Cole HS, Sawyer Getschman of Stuttgart HS, Jaren Queja of Killeen HS, Josh Lee of Diego HS, Noah Sylvia of Fort Campbell HS, Caleb Robinson of Fountain-Fort Carson HS, Jordan Bailey of Steilacoom HS, Sonny Reed of Parkway HS, and I learned the true definition of leadership, how character ties into leadership, and life lessons we will never forget.

While at West Point, we had the opportunity to speak and ask questions to leaders that have influenced our world such as General Austin, Captain Spain, and Frances Hesselbein herself. We got to experience life at West Point, speaking with cadets as they guided us around the campus and taking part in classes and meals with them. Finally, we bonded as a team in activities such as rock climbing, working with horses, singing Happy Birthday 16 times, screeching karaoke in the van, undergoing a battle simulation, and sharing stories, jokes, and riddles.

As for the take away from this experience, all of us gained incredible knowledge from everyone we encountered over the week. From our speakers, we learned lessons of character, about how a person becomes a leader when they establish their morals and values and act upon them, as well as lessons about humility, selflessness, kindness, and hope, and how leaders work to embody these qualities in all aspects of life. From the cadets and professors, we learned lessons about passion, support, psychology, and West Point traditions, such as rubbing the head of Abraham Lincoln for good luck. Finally, we learned lessons from each other through different perspectives, unforgettable memories, and impactful friendships.