Helpful Information

Helpful information for both parents and students:

Students must take at least three items for lunch. One must be a serving of fruit or vegetable for the meal to be reimbursable.

If a reimbursable meal is not selected, students will be charged a la carte pricing.

Parents may apply for free or reduced meals. Applications may be obtained from the front office of the elementary or high school.

Parents are required to prepay for their child’s meals. Prepay accounts are the same as cash, but students may not receive cash from their accounts.

Students will enter their ID number or scan their lunch cards to record all student meal transactions.

Eligibility for free & reduced priced meals is not automatic upon completion of an application.

Free and Reduced priced status is official when the application is processed and approved for benefits

Approval may take several days.

Returning students may only use their Free or Reduced status from the previous year for the first 30 operating days of the new school year.

All Free & Reduced priced students who do not renew their application by this day will pay full price after the 30th school calendar day.

Results of application status will be mailed to the household.

Questions regarding a student's Free or Reduced status should be directed to the Director for Student Support Services.