Classroom rules and student expectations letter.

Environmental Systems - Mr. White   2013-2014


The Environmental Systems curriculum focuses on the function of Earth's systems. Emphasis is placed on matter, energy, plate tectonics, origin and evolution of the earth and solar system, environmental awareness, materials availability, and the cycles that circulate energy and material through the earth system.


1. Prompt. Be on time and seated with a positive attitude when the bell rings.

2. Polite.  Be respectful of your teachers, peers, and yourself.

3.  Prepared.  Have materials/any work assignments ready.

4. Productive  Make good use of your time in class and do your own work.

 Copying = Zero.






A.  Beginning-of-period – Take 30 seconds after the bell to be seated.

1.  Check the front board for the day’s lesson/objective.

2.  Sharpen pencils and throw away trash before class begins.  

3.  Go to the bathroom before the bell.

4.  Tardies will be managed as stated in the Student Handbook.

5.  Take out materials and keep all bags and purses under your desk.  

6.  Class begins with the call bell and my statement of “Good morning/Good afternoon.”

B.  Out-of-room policies

Time out of my classroom will be held to a minimum.  Passes out of class from other teachers will only be accepted when your work in this classroom is up-to-date.

C.  Materials & equipment- Students should bring ALL materials to class daily.  Materials include:  pencil/pen, iPad, spiral/composition notebook


D. Ending the period

1.   Leave a neat work area by throwing away trash and returning supplies.

2.   Students shall remain seated until teacher’s dismissal.





A.  Student attention:

1.  No talking while the teacher or presenter(s) is speaking.

2. Remain seated during instruction.

3.  Keep hands on your desk.


B.  Student participation

1.  Please ask questions to further your understanding.

2.  All assignments are to be completed independently unless stated otherwise.

3.  Listen for instructions regarding appropriate student response, i.e., raising your hand, open response, choral response.

C.  Seatwork procedures

 1.  Follow instructions for voice volume and completing assignments.

2.  Please raise your hand for assistance during quiet work times.




A.  Student lab safety is #1! All students must sign the Student Safety Contract in order to participate in labs.  Dress appropriately on lab days, including close-toed shoes, socks and pants.  Capri pants, “Croc” style shoes and flip flops are not acceptable attire.  Inappropriate dress will result in an alternate assignment with a maximum grade of 70.

B. Use of materials and supplies

Use materials according to instructions. Waste or misuse of materials will result in a grade penalty and/or removal from the laboratory.  

C.  Assignment of students to groups – Students will be assigned to random, rotating groups for labs and other activities.

D.  Student participation and behavior

  1.   ALL students will contribute to the success of their group.

  2.   Each group member will be assigned individual responsibilities.

  3.   Please notify the teacher immediately if participation or behavior concerns arise.

  4.   Students will follow laboratory rules at all times as outlined in the Student Safety Contract.


A.  Grades are calculated as follows.

Daily work/homework     10%  

Quizzes 15%

Labs       25%  

Tests/projects      50%

Semester exam  20% (of Semester grade)

B.  Make up Work

 1. Make up work is the responsibility of the student.  Upon return from an absence get any work missed during the absence from me.  Tests must be made up during tutorials.  You have 2 class days to turn in anything you may have missed.  After 2 days have passed, it will be considered late (and be a ZERO).


 2.   Upon return, students will complete a previously announced assessment if the absence was a review day.


A. All school rules apply as outlined in the Student Handbook.

B.  Classroom Consequences  

1.  Conference with student

2.  Communication to parent about specific incident(s)

3.  After-school detention/written referral to the office.  

C.  Please respect the teacher’s work area; do not walk behind his desk.

D. Tutoring is available every week:  Before school starts by appointment. 

  After school:  3:20-4:30  B-days

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