1) What does a school counselor do?
2) How do you communicate with my child?
3) Do you work with children individually and in small groups?
4) How do you handle bullying?
5) How do I report bullying?
1)QWhat does a school counselor do?
The main focus of a school counselor is to foster student wellness and motivation to succeed. It is our job to make sure no factors interfere with the learning process.
2)QHow do you communicate with my child?
Monthly guidance lessons are presented to each classroom. Our philosophy is prevention rather than intervention. We present lessons that introduce students to the six pillars of good character. These include: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

In addition we have several small group offerings for those students with more specific needs.
3)QDo you work with children individually and in small groups?
Yes! We are here to meet the needs of all students. We offer small groups such as: Hearts-Apart deployment groups, Social skills groups and friendship groups.

Please contact your grade level counselor for specific offerings.
4)QHow do you handle bullying?
We believe that school should be a safe environment where maximum learning can take place. All students are entitled to a bully free learning zone.

We believe that prevention and education is the key. During our guidance lessons we use role playing and many other activities to help children become assertive but respectful individuals. We teach the children how to use I messages when feeling pressured or mistreated by others.

Students should feel safe to report bullying! Please know that all reports are taken seriously and investigated by campus administration.
5)QHow do I report bullying?
Go to the district homepage. From there click the student tab scroll down and there you will find the online bullying report.

Students should also report to their parent, teacher and grade level counselor.

We can't fix what we don't know about!