The Backpack Talks


Find a place at home where you will put your child’s papers and other items he or she brings home from school. At the end of each school day, sit down with your child in that special place to go through the papers, artwork, newsletters, and so on that he or she brings home in the backpack. Use the items in the backpack as a way to facilitate conversation with your child about his or her day at school.


Federal regulations now prohibits certain foods determined to be of 
minimal nutritional value at school.

Suggestions for Nutritious Snacks 

*Fruit juice
*Graham crackers
*Pita chips with hummus
*Wheat crackers
*English muffins
*Flavored rice cakes
*Fig Newtons
*Fruit or grain muffins
*Dry cereal
*Tortilla chips with salsa
*Vanilla Wafers
*Fresh fruit
*Vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower)
*Low fat dip or salad dressing
*Fruit snacks
*Frozen low fat yogurt
*Low fat string cheese 
*Fruit/grain bars 
*94% fat free popcorn 
*fruit/nuts/trail mix 
*Peanut butter and crackers