BBC fun experiments/Science exploration as well as Math and English
This link is a fun site to do more fun science exploration, Math and English
Easy Tech
Math Baseball
This site will help students build math fluency with basic operations in a fun game format.
math facts-addition/subtraction
Use this link to practice 1 minute math fact drills.
Monarch butterfly website
Explore the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly and follow thier journey.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Great resource for math! Practicing use of manipulatives.
Pearson success Math Link
We will be using this link throughout the school year for students to complete math work that our consumable workbook requires. Students will have a username and password for this website. Some work is done in class time but students may complete assignments at home.
Practice Spelling words for the weekly spelling test
Smart Math interactive website
Students will be given a username and password for this site to work on topics assigned to sharpen math skills. It has games as well as tests and activites including manipulatives.
Study Island
Go here for practice on Math, Science, Social Studies=benchmarks included
Texas Parks and Wildlife website
You can go to this website to learn about animals and plants of Texas!
That's A Fact!
This site will help students build math fluency with addition and subtraction. They can choose whether to be timed or not as they practice.
Worksheets and manipulative resources
This site is for parents as a resource to print out worksheets to help with using flashcards and other games to enhance learning for your child