Useful Links

For extra practice, take a look at these sites!

Math Practice
Spelling City
Each week's spelling list will be loaded on this site. Here's how to get on.

Go to Spelling City.

Click "Find A List"

Under "Enter Search Term type Stephanie Lawrence.

My name will be on the bottom beside Lackland Elementary School. Click on my name.

On the next page, scroll down to Vocabulary and Spelling Lists. Click on the Spelling list we
are currently studying.

Only the games and resources listed on the left side of the screen are free and be used by
our students. The activities on the right are only for paid subscribers.
Fun Brain/Math Games,Quizzes
A Plus Math/Flashcards,Games,Homework Helper,Worksheets
math cats
My favorite pet is here to help you with your math!
Study Island Math and Reading Practice
User name: lastname.firstinitial
Password: Lesxxxx (the x's represent lunch number)
How Stuff Works--Science
National Geographic for kids
This site is an excellent supplement to our science and social studies classes.
Spell bee
This fun, interactive game helps with spelling.
ask jeeves for kids
This site will provide answers to student's questions on line.
kidsclick! Web Search
This is a web search for kids designed by librarians dealing with a range of topics.