Use the links below for study guides and helpful tips on upcoming tests or activities.

Mr Guch's Chemistry Pages
Quia Quiz Atomic Structure
Click on this link for the IPC Unit 1 Exam on Atomic Structure
Quiz Link Environmental Science Dichotomous Keys
Multichotomous Key
Water Issue Links
Electron configuration Practice Web site
Practice electron configuration
Benchmark Test Dec 15 '09
Log on to the online test here. Please keep your results so the sub can save them for me.
Electron Configuration Practice
Practice the up and down arrow configuration of atoms.
It also wouldn't hurt to go to the link to link below to look at the vocabulary for more practice.
Preparation for 3rd 9 weeks IPC Exam vocabulary building activities

There are several options for activities; click on the following links: speed velocity & acceleration force of motion force motion & friction matching force & motion terms
Covalent Bonding
Covalent Bonding activities - sharing electrons

Use your logon & password to access the gizmos
Preparation for 3rd 9 weeks Chemistry Exam
Practice the vocabulary for the exam using the activities from Click on the links below and practice the games/activities: solutions battle ship chapt 4 Chem TAKS obj quiz on solutions jeopardy version

rags to riches

do this quiz
Proton Don Periodic Table Review
For some practice learning the names and symbols of the periodic table. website
When you activate this link you'll need to type in chemical reaction in the search box and it will bring up a number of game types and names to explore.

Try the matching version of these games in the link below, once you've done this a time or two you might try going back to the shared activities page and search for more challenging versions of chemical reactions, Battleship, Rags to Riches etc. for an activity on matching (if link doesn't work just copy and paste to your browser). - this is a good version of Rags to Riches to try for vocabulary (In this game they use the term displacement instead of replacement for types of chemical reactions) .