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Useful Links

Multiplication worksheets can be made at the following site for practice:


Math Vocabulary Grades 3-5

Drill, Teaching, and Practice

A+ Math
Flashcards, games, and worksheets

AAA Math 
AAA Math is organized by grade level and subject. It offers step-by-step explanation for 
basic math skills including interactive practice exercises.

BBC Schools
The British Broadcasting Corporation brings teachers an array of interactive, multimedia activities, stories, puzzles, and games. These will allow students to develop mathematical skills, from simple counting through geometry, algebra, statistics, and more.

Count On
Count On is full of fun, animated math activities for elementary grades. Students can solve number problems and puzzles in the context of stories, mysteries, and a virtual MathFest.

Fun and Sun:  Rent a Car
In this exercise kids must solve problems and create a table and a graph to calculate the best value of four rental options. The site also offers discussion questions, activities, and extensions related to the project.

Houghton Miffflin's EduPlace
Resources for elementary school educators.

KidZone Math
Free Printable Math Worksheets

Learning Planet Math Activities

Math Mayhem
See if you can answer multiplication facts faster than anyone on the planet!

Math Advantage from Harcourt
Resources and activities to accompany Math Advantage Math Series

Mathematics + Athletics = Mathletics...a natural combination. One math application is given for baseball, basketball, bowling and football.

Teacher made activities.

Logic and Reasoning

Aims Puzzle Corner

Cut the Knot 
Cut the Knot offers interactive logic games and puzzles.

Cool Math 4 Kids
Described as an "amusement park of math and more."  Very colorful and attractive for students.  Correlations with many math topics for teachers.

Discovery Channel Brain Boosters
Click on "Number and Math Play" for challenging activities for students
in math.

Education Place Brain Teasers

Integer Sequences and Pascal's Triangle
A lesson that can be taught at various grade levels deals with patterns
with numbers.

Math Stories
"House of math word problems for children." Requires membership dues. Check out the free samples.

Soda Constructor
create walking geometric creatures and then see how gravity and friction affect them.

Web Pages with Additional Math Links

Learning Math Links
This page gives you many, many links to outstanding math sites.  Long
annotations help teachers to choose just the right site for their