About the iViSiON iPad Initiative


The iPad is quickly proving to be highly beneficial to education, and it is only going to increase in its usefulness. At a cost that is considerably less than a laptop, it offers both students and faculty access to engaging presentation tools, video creation and editing tools and many content specific apps. As textbooks evolve from the printed page to the digital screen, the iPad affords students more content in their digital textbooks as well as the capability to annotate and highlight text. Our workflow management system, eBackpack, allows students to access assignments, complete them on the iPad, and submit assignments for grading. 

Students new to the district will check out an iPad at the "Recharge Zone" located in the district Media Center. Students can also elect to bring their own device. The device must be an Apple iPad 2 or higher, capable of running on iOS 7 or later. Our intent is that by specifying the device we can better ensure accessibility to the activities and assignments that teachers will offer. We stongly urge parents and students to view the information about the program located on the "Parent/School Partnership" page. Your child's sucess in using the iPad for educational purposes is dependent on this partnership.

The "Recharge Zone" is open from 7:15-8:00 AM, 10:55-11:35 AM, and from 3:15- 4:00 PM. Students can pick up the iPad Loan Agreement, the Damage and Loss Agreement, or the Bring Your Own Device Agreement. Students and parents will sign the forms and return them to the campus office. Parents can make an appointment to meet with staff if they have additional questions.

Students will need to have an Apple ID in order to redeem codes for required apps. The district is providing redemtion codes for 5 required apps; Pages, Keynote, DocAs, iMovie, and Explain Everything. Students will need to have the ability to download apps from the app store while at school. Teachers will ask students to download free apps for specific classes. If the parent has an Apple ID, they may choose to use this ID. If you have a payment method associated with your ID, you might prefer to set up a separate account for your student that has no paymant type associated with the ID. Students 13 and under will have to have their parents set up an account and provide the parent's birthdate in order to meet the Apple ID requirements.The instructions for setting up that type of account are very specific and are located on the "How to/Tutorial" page.