Are the apps I have installed disruptive to the educational process?

Use common sense.



Lackland ISD holds students to high standards academically and behaviorally. Some iPad applications (apps) have proven to be disruptive to the educational process. We urge parents and students to review the apps installed on the LISD iPad loaned to their student. Use common sense.  Media (apps, photos, video, and content contained in apps installed on the iPad) that violates the LISD Responsible Use Guidelines (R.U.G) will result in disciplinary action.

Apps that can be disruptive to the educational process include:

Social networking, messaging and/or video chat, such as Kik, ooVoo, and Vine.

Timed distruct messaging and Photo sharing, such as Snapchat.

Dating apps 

Rating apps such as Ask

Games Rated 17+