Before students may participate in any athletic activity that is sanctioned by the University Interscholastic League, specific documents must be completed and be on file with the school athletic department.

These forms include a steroid agreement form, a medical history form, a physical evaluation form, and an acknowledgement of rules form. Links to UIL website and these forms are listed below:


Parents and students may also obtain these forms from the coaching staff, the front office, or they may download and print the forms from the UIL website. The UIL website may be found at www.uil.utexas.edu then go to Athletics then go to top of page to locate above mentioned forms.

It has also become necessary (House Bill 2038 singed into law spring of 2011) that student/athletes and their parent or guardians receive information regarding health & safety related to UIL sports competition. Student/athletes and their parent or guardians can fulfill this requirement by accessing the UIL powerpoint presentation that can be accessed via the UIL website (see UIL Safety Training Powerpoint Presentation).

It is imperative that these necessary documents be processed and made available to coaches prior to the start of a sport or an activity so that student/athletes are ready to begin practice on the first day. Student/athletes may observe but not participate in any practices or competitions without these forms on file with the school.

With the exception of the Physical Evaluation form, the other forms must be completed every school year and on file prior to a student/athlete participating in any UIL sport.

***New students entering the seventh must have a new physical evaluation. ***Students entering the ninth grade must have a new physical evaluation. ***Students entering the eleventh grade must have a new physical evaluation.