Program Philosophy Our goal is to educate every student on the importance of implementing exercise as a lifetime activity. The program has an emphasis on cardiovascular exercise because of its numerous benefits such as: reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, and weight management. Program goals are implemented through instruction and participation in activities that include individual sports, team sports, and recreation / leisure activities that students will hopefully participate in for the rest of their life. Students are exposed to a wide variety of physical activities so that they might obtain the base knowledge, the skills, the level of fitness, and the appropriate behaviors required for participation in each activity. Course Objectives Fitness Cardiovascular fitness necessary for participation in sports, exercise, and enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle will be implemented in a variety of aerobic activities. Students will be instructed in the relationship between exercise and heart rates and the necessity of aerobic exercise in everyday life. With the use of cardiac monitoring and computerized technology, students will be educated on techniques to monitor and objectively analyze their exercise programs. Flexibility exercises will be implemented in class on a routine basis. In addition, students will receive resistance training for strength development from a Cooper Institute certified trainer. Skills Each student will meet performance standards for the basic skills in each sport / activity. With these aquired skills, students can pursue other avenues such as UIL sports programs or other organized sports competition. Knowledges Students will gain an understanding of the rules and regulations, courts or fields of play, proper equipment and its use, score keeping, safety procedures, and social graces as they pertain to each sport / activity. Students will gain an extensive knowledge of various exercises, the resulting physiological effects, and the ramifications that these activities have upon their health and quality of life. Students will learn how to implement technology with an exercise program.