Students earn grades in Physical Education based upon their compliance to the physical education dress policy and the effort displayed in three other components that are typically covered within each class. These three components are referred to as the Daily Participation part of a class and consist of; a cardio or aerobic activity, flexibility / strengthening activities, and a game / sport activity. All three of these components (cardio exercise or aerobic exercise, stretching / strengthening exercises, game or sport activity) are typically covered in one class and together they comprise to make-up this Daily Participation grade. A student's perceived level of effort, measured degree of exertion or degree of measured improvement will account for forty-percent of a student's P.E. grade. A student's dressing-out or their compliance or non-compliance to the appropriate dress accounts for up to fifty-percent of their P.E. grade. In addition, tests or quizzes will be given periodically to assess student learning. These assessments will evaluate skills related to sports and/or fitness and also be oral or written tests to appraise student learning. These tests will account for ten percent of the students over-all grade during the grading period. We will not administer a final exam but rely on these assessments to evaluate student performance and comprehension of material covered.

When a student is absent from school/class and that absence is considered to be an "unexcused absence," the grade for that day will be a zero. However, a student will be given the opportunity to make-up that grade by attending an after school class session that will cover the activities missed during his/her absence. When an absence is considered to be "excused," the student's grade for that day will be excused and he/she will not be required to attend an after school session.

As per our policy regarding students being excused from active participation in a physical education class - students are allowed no more than a total of three such excuses during a 9-week grading period. Any more than three excused absences during a 9-week grading period will be treated as an unexcused absence from class and the student will be issued a zero for a grade on days exceeding this three-day per 9-week grading period limit. As with absences from school which are considered to be "unexcused absences," students will be afforded the opportunity to make-up that grade by attending an after school class session.