In the event that a student is ill or has an injury that prohibits them from participating actively in a class, a note must be provided by a parent/guardian, or doctor to dismiss a student from actively participating in class. Parent/guardian notes must be written and signed by the parent/guardian and not by the student and a note is required for each and every class. It is also necessary that the date of the specific class be posted on this note. Please keep in mind that activities can be modified to permit students to participate (for example: a student with a respiratory condition might be able to dress-out and participate with the exception of aerobic activities). In the event that a student has an injury or an illness that would require them to miss a substantial amount of physical education classes, a schedule change out of the physical education class may become necessary.

Students are allowed no more than a total of three such excuses during a 9-week grading period. Any more than three excused absences during a 9-week grading period will be treated as an unexcused absence from class and the student will be issued a zero for a grade on days missed that exceed this three-day per 9-week grading period limit. As with absences from school which are considered to be "unexcused absences," students will be afforded the opportunity to make-up that grade by attending an after school class session.