1st grade homework policy is in our 1st grade handbook sent home. 

Along with the take home folder coming home each day, the students will also have their blue and white SFA reading folder and the behavior folder. Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday. If a child has an excused absence, a student has one day to turn in the missed classwork and homework depending on the number of days absent for credit. ***If a child has an excused absence for three days, that child has three days to complete the make-up work. Incomplete work or work for unexcused absences may need to be completed in C.A.R.E., which stands for Completing Assignments and Reaching Expectations. This is an after school program located in Room 401 which begins at 3:15 and ends at 4:25 p.m. I will always notify you first by phone when your child needs to stay after school to complete work. Arrangements will be made as to how your child is getting home.

I collect the homework on Friday. Please keep the homework in the right side of the folder as you complete during the week. Thank you.