School Attendance is sooooo important! If your child is in school regularly, they are learning! If your child is not at school, they are not learning.

By all means, if your child is ill, please allow him/her to stay home and get well.

As stated on the Class Information page, students who are not ill are expected to be at school each day and on time. Students who are absent 10% or more of the scheduled school days may not pass to the next grade level, even if he/she obtains passing grades.

Please supply a doctor's note for any medical appointment that causes your child to miss all or part of a school day. Please send a parent note after any other absence. Absences of 3 days or more need special permission from the school principal

Missing school to go on vacation, get a haircut, celebrate a birthday, etc. are not acceptable excuses for your child missing school.

If at all possible, please try to schedule appointments,vacations, etc. to coincide with the Lackland ISD calendar.