Homework- There is daily homework in SFA Reading. Read Monday through Thursday and have your Read and Respond form signed by your parents or other supervising adult. I will collect these at the start of class daily. If you forget your actual Read and Respond form, document the date, what you read and signature on anything; just have it ready to hand in every morning. Yes you do get a daily grade for doing your homework so just read and you'll receive an easy 100.



Vocabulary words for Vocabulary Vouchers:

(study these words,  learn what they mean (their synonym) and how to use it correctly in a sentence)

How do the vouchers work?

I will post our 8 vocabulary words for the SFA Story we are currectly working on here.

* 97 Orchard Street, New York (Expository Text)


notorious wayward embarked reconfigured

engrossed demolished  drastic  improvised

Have your child listen for the word in any conversation and/or find the word when reading. 

Fill out the voucher with name, date and word.  On the back of the voucher write briefly where you heard/found the word and how it was used--give sentence.  Bring voucher into classroom and drop it in the Vocabulary Vault.