A child needs to develop a homework routine. Homework is a practice of skills and requires parent interest and participation to help ensure your child's success in school. Each student has a  folder which is where his/her homework is placed. Before leaving the classroom at the end of the day, each student's backpack is checked for the Green behavior folder/Eagle calendar and for some students (depending on the SFA teacher) the blue and white SFA reading folder to ensure that no child forgets his homework. If the homework is lost en route, please do not hesitate to call or leave a message to ask for another paper as each and every student is held accountable for his/her work.
  Usually all classwork from the day that I did not take up is sent home for parents to check over. Check over your child's work and feel free to make corrections as needed.  Return all pages back to the homework folder for me to collect the next day for a grade.
Students are given one day per excused absence to make up missed classwork and homework.