Welcome to Lackland Elementary! We are fortunate in that we have a very wonderful and effective reading program active here at Lackland Elementary. It is the Success For All program which is a research based program developed at John Hopkins and now is the Success For All Foundation. More information about this program may be found on the web under the foundation's name and I would strongly recommend anyone interested to go to this website for more information concerning the particulars and statistics of this program. We have found this program to be extremely effective and successful for our students and hope that you will also. One of the main components of the program is the fact that it focuses on early intervention. By constantly monitoring the progress of each student, we will be able to determine whenever adequate progress is not being made and provide intervention at that point. This is in the hopes that we may give the boost needed at that point to enable the student to continue to progress before a more severe reading problem develops. We have found that this has been very successful in most all cases. At the start of the school year, students new to Lackland will be assessed during the first two weeks of school to determine their reading level and placement into their SFA classes. At that time it will also be determined if they are eligible for reading tutoring. Any student entering after this time will be tested during their first day of attendance. If it is determined that your child will benefit from reading tutoring, I will contact you for your permission to enroll him into our program. We try to schedule tutoring during the school day whenever possible but do have to ask some of our students to attend after school tutoring in order to be able to accommodate as many students as possible. After school tutoring for our younger students is usually provided Monday thru Thursdays at 3:30-4:00 p.m. There is a late bus available that leaves our school at 4:30 to provide transportation home for those students who normally ride the bus each day. Your child will be provided with a safe environment in the span between the end of of school and beginning of tutoring as well as between the end of tutoring and the arrival of the late bus at 4:30. Here they will be able to receive assistance with their homework, read for pleasure, or complete their 20 minutes of reading required for their nightly homework in SFA. Older students often receive tutoring for TAKS goals. This tutoring is usually provided 3:30-4:20 p.m. and normally becomes available starting with the second quarter of the school year. Your child's teacher would be contacting you concerning this tutoring should they feel that it would be beneficial for your child. All students will be reassessed every eight weeks. At this time you will be advised by your child's SFA teacher of these results. You will also receive a letter informing you of the next quarter's placement for your child. This letter should contain both the reading level and class teacher's name for the upcoming quarter. At that time new tutoring schedules will be determined based on their test results as well as their SFA teacher reccommendations and I will contact you concerning the new schedule. This tutoring is provided to the student free of charge and it is my hope that parents will be able to take advantage of the help that is offered. Your input as a parent is very important to me as no one knows your child as well as you do and it is my hope that we will be able to work together to provide the best possible experience for your child to be successful. Please feel free to contact me with any questions concerning the SFA tutoring program that you may have. My email address is www.king.a@lacklandisd.net and my class phone is (210)357-5013.