SchoolCenter PictureGrades are given for in class assignments or projects. Grades are given usually at the end of a chapter or unit of study when mastery of content is expected. There are four grading periods in the school year. Progress reports are sent to parents midpoint of each grading period. Parent conferences are scheduled after the end of the first and third grading periods (about the third week in October and third week in March).


Reading: (grade given by SFA teacher at the student's instructional level as determined by the student's assessment) reading progress includes satisfactory completion of in class assignments and assessments (words out loud, reading fluency, vocabulary test, story test, meaningful sentences, reading comprehension test, word analysis test, Adventures in Writing, Book Clubs) and daily reading homework.


Language:spelling tests (words, dictation sentences, and grammar), end of unit work, unit tests, journal writing, writing assignments, special projects, speaking activities, and participation


Math:weekly assessments, daily timed math fact drills using Fastmath program in class on computer, classroom activities, occasional in class assignments


Science: unit tests, writing assignments, chapter worksheets, group activities, and participation


Social Studies:  in class work, writing assignments, projects, quizzes, unit tests, and participation