1. Talk to you student about taking time to make friends. Encourage your student to be friendly to everyone and allow time to get to know his peers before sharing information about himself. 

2. Remind your student that his best friend today might not be his best friend two months from now. Be careful when sharing information about himself and his opinions about his school mates.

3. Talk to your student about the ripe effect caused by rumors. Advice your student to not spread rumors. This is the fastest way for your student to get in trouble with peers.

4. Advice your student to contact a school counselor or a school administrator in case he hears rumors about a student that involves suicide, eating disorders, violence and drug use.

5. Remind your child that some students do start and spread rumors. If  a rumor has been spread about your student, advice him to talk to a counselor. There are several ways to attempt to stop rumors. The school counselor and/or an administrator will conference with your student. Peer mediation is a very successful way to stop rumors and restore friendships.