Seventh and Eighth Graders Shine at Junior High District Track Meet - Future Looks Bright for Next Year


The Middle School District 30A Track Meet was cancelled, then rescheduled, and then rescheduled again. We got lucky the third time and in spite of threatening weather and TAKS conflicts, managed to hold the meet in Medina this past Tuesday.

Once again, the few girls representing Stacey ruled the few events that they were limited to entering. In the distance races, Tawnee Wimsatt took first in the 2400-meter run (9:29.25) and was closely followed by Jennifer Zimmerman in second (10:21.12). Tawnee and Jennifer would step on the track once again towards the end of the meet in the 1600-meter run and take first and third. It was Tawnee's goal to run a sub-six minute mile. She ran the event in 5:59.16. Jennifer finished in 6:36.65. These two young ladies also were the cross country district champs in the seventh and eighth grade divisions. Not only did Stacey girls dominate the distance events, but our sprinters took first and second in the 100-meter dash, the 200-meter dash and the 400-meter dash. Catching the attention of everyone at the meet, Shana Holmes clocked some impressive times in these events that would in fact surpass best times in the 100-meter and the 400-meter in the High School meet on Wednesday in LaPryor. Shana ran a 12.51 in the 100-meter and ran a blistering 1:02.09 in the 400-meter dash. Her time in the 200-meter dash was 27:00 and that time was just behind Victoria Wiggin's 26.32. Not far behind, was Cordia Havertin who took second in the 100 meter (13:88), second in the 400-meter (1:06.42), and second in the 200-meter (30:00). Between these four girls entered in the meet, they combined for a ridiculous point total of eighty-eight points and fourth place. In the boys' division, the runners from Stacey also dominated the 2400-meter run taking the top three places. Finishing first was Desmond Clark (8:42.43). He was followed by Dardo Salgado (8:47.55) and Josh Manley (8:50.62). These three runners came back shortly after and ran in the 800-meter run. In that race, Dardo took fifth (2:34.79) and Josh placed sixth (2:35.90). At the end of the meet, these three would once again take to the track for the 1600-meter relay and along with Devonte Allen, finished fourth.

This was the final meet of the season for the middle school runners. From here, they have next cross country season and/or track to look forward to as either eighth graders or first year high school students.