Class Rules
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School Computer Lab

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Do's and Don'ts
Enter the class only when a teacher is present Don't bring food, drink or gum to class* Login and get ready for class Don't leave the class without permission Only use software for your class Don't log on as another user. Stay in assigned seat unless going to the printer Don't go on the Internet without permission Stay quiet while the teacher is talking Don't use email or chat Keep your hands and feet to yourself Don't play games. Allow others to work undisturbed Don't turn in others work - No Cheating!!! Keep your backpack and other items on the hooks in the back corner of the lab Don't bring music players to the lab or they will be picked up and turned into the office. Do your own work and save to the server not your "C" drive. Please do not roll your chair away from your desk * You will be given one warning about food, gum or drink in the lab. The day you receive this warning will be recorded. If you get caught again, you will get two detentions for the two violations. Each violation after that will be a detention. Counts for entire year. Safety: The computer lab is full of electrical components with wires - computers, printers, monitors, power strips, scanners to mention most. Electrical shock is possible - so stay away from the plugs and report any wires that are in your way to the teacher. Workstation: Leave your workstation ready for the next user. This means the keyboard & mouse are properly placed (mouse on right side), chair pushed in, bookstand & clips placed properly, books removed, computer & monitor left on, and you have logged out. If any of these things are not done, you will loose 5 points off your off task grade. Internet: You will only be allowed on the Internet after a permission contract is signed & returned, to the lab teacher. Your computer course may or may not use the Internet. If your course does use the Internet, only visit appropriate web sites required for your class. If you accidentally go to a pornographic site, report it immediately - so the site address can be passed on to the Director of Technology, and the site can be restricted. Class work: You are expected to do all class work, and turn it in as directed. If you miss school or have missed school, see the teacher to make sure the work you missed can be made up. Any work not done will carry a zero (0) until it is finished. Unless otherwise specified, all work must be finished by the end of each nine-week grading period - not "finals" week. On Task Grade: All students will have "On Task" grade which is 20% of their nine-week grade. A "100" will be placed in this 20% category at the beginning of each nine weeks. Five (5) points will be deducted each time a student fails to stay on task in the computer lab. Questions Contact Russell Keller, Computer Lab Teacher at (210) 357-5148. _______________________________ __________________________________________ Student Signature Parent/Guardian Signature Date Parent/Guardian: Work phone number // Home phone Number // email address