s2s - Student to Student Program


The student to student program's purpose is to ease the transition of the new students into Stacey Jr./Sr. High School. The s2s members are trained to welcome the new students and help them to adjust to their new environment.

This is how our s2s members help the new students' transition to Stacey:

  • Give a tour of the school
  • Introduce the new student to teachers, staff and other students.
  • Eat lunch with the new student.
  • Helps the new student locate his locker.
  • Walk the new student to the pick up/drop off bus area and more


Every new student receives a welcome packet with an agenda, a t-shirt and information about Stacey and the surrounding area.


Pizza/tour of the school before the school year starts. 


Spring luncheon! All the new students for the year are invited to attend! The s2s members cook and serve the meal to show the new students their support.