Welcome to SFA.

 Students will be working on the 4 Core Reading Strategies during SFA.  Classroom work will center around a specific strategy as well as the reading and writing TEKS. 

The four strategies are:

 clarification -  the act of readers identifying and articulating an encountered problem, then clearing up their understanding of the problem that is preventing them from comprehending waaht they have read 

summarization - the act of readers sorting through parts of the text, differentiating important ideas from those less important, then restating the passage in a more concise way

questioning - the act of readers generating their own questions about the text, then answering their question to increase understanding

prediction - the act of readers using prior knowledge and information learned to support what they think will happen next in the story

The students are working on knowing the types of questions that are asked and where in the reading to find the answer.  Students are also working on expanding their vocabularies through daily review of the vocabulary words.

Students are required to read a minimum of 80 minutes each week.  Parent signatures are needed for students to receive credit for reading.  I do give a grade for the Read/Respond form being turned in each Friday (at the beginning of class). Grading is as follows: 

80+ minutes = 100%

60 minutes = 75%

40 minutes = 50%

20 minutes = 25%