We will depart school that Monday after the students attend advisory.

Procedures as far as food and calling prior to arrival will be the same as other meets.

It will be late, but we should be back around 11:00 pm or so.

District 30A South Zone

Junior High Track Meet

March 30, 2009


2:00 Scratch Meeting


2:45 Coaches' Meeting


3:30 Field Events


Shot Put - (G, B)

Discus -   (B, G)

Triple Jump -   (B, G)

Long Jump -   (G, B)

High Jump - (B, G)

Pole Vault -   (G, B)


  4:30 2400 M. Run  (girls, boys)


Following the Field Events   Running Events

(approximately 5:30)     (Running Order: Girls, Boys)


400 M. Relay

800 M. Run

100 M. Hurdles

110 M. Hurdles

100 M. Dash

800 M. Relay

400 M. Dash

300 M. Hurdles

200 M. Dash

1600 M. Run

1600 M. Relay