Student Planner:

  • Parents: Weekly perusal of the Student Planner and the Gradebook is recommended.
  • Homeroom teachers: issue one Student Planner to each student (digital planners may also be used).
  • Students: are strongly encouraged to write down the daily assignments/homework requirements for each class period. (This will virtually eliminate the "I forgot" classwork/homework issue.) 
  • It is the responsibility of the student to manage the Student Planner.  If the physical Student Planner is lost or damaged beyond repair, the student will replace it at their expense or proceed with a digital planner.

Math, ELA, and Science Resource Composition Books are created by the student and used in class and at home as a reference tool.  The resource books contain notes, handouts, and "how-to" strategies that are used in class and with homework.  Students are expected to maintain their resource books and bring them to class each day.

Citizenship Grades:

  • Conduct grades will be used this year. In order to get a conduct grade of Excellent, the student must not only have excellent behavior during a nine-week grading period and must also actively participate in a positive manner on a regular basis. 




Lackland Elementary School strives to create a positive school climate with high expectations for student success.  As students begin to transition from elementary school to middle school, it is important that they are encouraged to make good decisions and begin to solve their own problems.  Students will receive continuous behavior training and guidance from teachers, treating discipline as an opportunity for personal growth.