Homework Policy:

Students are assigned homework daily, although this may vary, depending on class and individual student progress.  The amount of homework a student can expect will depend on each student's skill level and study/work habits.  Typically, a student can expect 20-30 minutes of nightly homework (recommended by U.S. Dept. of Education, National PTA, & NEA). 
Establish a routine with your student for working on daily assignments and projects. A quiet spot in the house with minimal distractions, and a scheduled time, can provide the proper enviroment for success. 

Homework assignments are extensions of learning and opportunities to practice objectives covered in class. Homework should be completed  within a reasonable amount of time. 
If a student requires more than 30 uninterrupted minutes to complete a single homework assignment (excluding Read & Respond), please contact us immediately, so that we can determine the source of the problem. 

Homework is due the following day, unless otherwise specified, as in the case of projects and research papers.