Spelling lists come home every Monday with the words below. Tests are every Friday in Spelling. We work on the words at school, however, it is important to practice with your child at home to reinforce and learn the patterns.

List 1: an, can, man, ran, had, dad, ant, lap, tag, pants

Unit 2: am, at, cat, hat, has, and, bag, pan, mat, lamp

Unit 3: let, get, net, pet, pen, men, hen, den, wet, fed

Unit 4: jet, set, met, bed, yes, leg, led, vest, mend, mess

Unit 5 (review of Units 1-4): an, can, man, ran, had, dad,

Unit 6: it, bit, sit, is, his, in, sip, lid, tip, wig

Unit 7: if, big, dig, pig, did, him, bib, rip, pin, zip

Unit 8: not, hot, pot, got, box, fox, ox, cod, jog, trot

Unit 9: on, mom, job, hop, top, mop, hog, rod, jot, body

Unit 10 (review of Units 6-9

Unit 11: up, us, bus, cut, but, nut, dug, hum, snug, bump

Unit 12: fun, run, sun, tug, bug, rug, cub, bud, pup, hut

Unit 13: (short vowel review) bad, yet, fix, dot, hug, tub, mix, wag, pop, bend

Unit 14: (words writers use) a, I, to, of, the, was, are, ago, easy, goes, only

Unit 15: (review of Units 11-14)

Unit 16: grin, spin, skip, frog, plum, slam, grab, slip, snap, plug

Unit 17: best, rest, fast, must, step, still, post, stir, rust, stiff

Unit 18: bugs, cats, pigs, sits, runs, gets, cards, chips, pumps, twins






Spelling Lists for Mrs. Allen is currently under construction. Please come back later.