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The Four Core Strategies of a Good Reader
Developed by Success For All Foundation

Active readers do the following:
* make connections, judgements, and evaluations
* recognize when what they are reading is not making sense
* monitor strategy use
* work hard to bring meaning to the text

CLARIFICATION: The reader stops and is able to identify something that he/she doesn't understand when he/she is reading. The reader uses strategies to help him/her clear up the problem that prevents comprehension.
Can you say the word? If not...
* Blend it
* Chunk it
* Look for a base word
* Reread it

Do you know what the word or word part means? If not...
* Use context clues
* Reread
* Read on
* Use your background knowledge 
* Make a mind movie

SUMMARIZATION: The reader is able to retell the main ideas and important events/details in a passage in a concise way and leaves out the less important details. The following are strategies for summarizing:
* After you read a story (narrative text) summarize these parts...
  main characters setting (where and when the story takes place)
  story problem important events solution and ending
* After you read for information (expository text) use these tools to find main ideas... 
  * titles
  * headings
  * bold print
  * captions
  * sidebars
  * bullets

QUESTIONING: The reader generates his/her own questions about the text then answers his/her questions to increase understanding.
  * Question Starters:
  What did...?
  How did...?
  Where was...?
  When did...?
  Why did...?
  What do you predict...?
  Do you think...?

PREDICTION: The reader uses prior knowledge and information learned to support what he thinks will happen next in the story.


Narrative Clues : setting events actions character's feelings character's thoughts dialogue

Expository Clues: titles headings bold text captions sidebars pictures



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