Back to School News...


Overall, we had a great first day back at school.  The children did a great job waiting in the Eagles' Nest on our tape in the morning and with entering the classroom independently!  They did a great job working at their tables, with their new friends, learning to follow the rules, and walking in line. 

Please remember the earliest the children should be in our building, is 7:30AM. Remind them to wait quietly on our tape.

You could assist your child by reviewing how to walk in line.

In addition, please remind the children they need to be quiet when teacher is talking, to stay in their seats when working and to rest quietly.  You could also review playground rules. 

    We will be focusing on the classroom rules, red folder procedures and procedures for their behavior clips.

Please remember to initial the calendar box in your child's folder and to return their red folder daily.

   Thanks so much!  Mrs. Solis :)  





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