Immunization Requirements


DPT - proof of 5 doses unless 4th dose was given on or after 4th birthday

Td - booster dose required 10 years after last dose of DPT 

POLIO - proof of 4 doses unless the 3rd dose was on or after 4th birthday

MMR - 1st dose received on or after 1st birthday and 2nd dose on or after 4th birthday 

HEPATITIS A - Two doses on or after 2nd birthday for grades K-3 only * 

HEPATITIS B - proof of 3 doses completed within 6 months 

VARICELLA (chicken pox) - One dose on or after 1st birthday.  Proof of immunity or documentation of previous illness may substitute for vaccination.  2 doses required if vaccination received at 13 years of age or older. 


* We strongly recommend that ALL students receive the vaccination.