Being a member of a team or participating in individual sports requires a commitment from each person involved. It is the intent of these rules and guidelines to clarify to the student/athlete that his/her involvement and commitment to the sports programs at Stacey must be fulfilled in a manner that will enable and obligate him/her to perform to the best of his/her abilities while honorably representing the school. Moreover, these regulations and policies are intended to help direct participants and to clarify any potential misunderstandings about player expectations and policies concerning athletic team membership.




When a student makes a decision to join a team or engage in a sport, it is his/her responsibility to secure all necessary paperwork (UIL medical evaluation, medical history, acknowledgement of rules, steroid policy statement, general information form, etc.). These forms must be provided to the respective coach in a timely manner to avoid a delay in the athlete’s active participation in the sport. This must be done at the beginning of a season or a sport’s start date. There will be a designated date when a sport will begin practices. If a student is given prior information of their need to obtain necessary forms for participation, afforded ample opportunity to complete these forms, but fails to have necessary UIL paperwork on file with the school prior to the first practice, that individual may be denied the opportunity to play the desired sport at Stacey for that season.




Being present at all practices, meetings, games, and other activities related to the sport is crucial. Not only is each athlete’s presence important for learning game strategies and developing skills, but the athlete’s attendance (or lack of) also conveys a critical message to fellow team members and coaches. It is therefore necessary that each player carefully examine a season’s schedule when making a decision to join a team so that he/she can be certain of his/her ability to commit to attending practices and games.

In the event that a student/athlete is not able to attend practices or games, the following list includes some of the reasons for an absence that may be considered excusable. Ultimately, the coach of a sport determines if an absence from a game or practice is to be considered excusable. Acceptable or excusable absences from any activity related to the sport will include but may not be limited to:

*illness or injury to the athlete that results in an absence from school – however, if an athlete is ill or injured and attending school, they must still attend practices to remain on a team or be a member of a sport (some exceptions – at the discretion of the coach)

*illness or injury to an athlete that requires prompt medical attention

*illness or injury to a family member that requires an athlete to be present

*death in the family

*doctor or medical appointments (athletes should attempt to arrange appointments at times that do not conflict with games or practices)

*participation in another UIL activity

*participation in after school tutorials

Consequences for absences:

*if an athlete misses three practices for reasons that are considered to be unexcused or unacceptable, the athlete may be removed from the team

*if an athlete misses two games or competitions for reasons that are considered to be unexcused or unacceptable, the athlete may be removed from the team


Practice times and times to be present for pre-game and/or game departures as well as all other activities/events must be adhered to by all participants. As with attendance, being prompt is critical to success and conveys a positive message to other teammates.


Consequences for chronic tardiness:

After the respective coach issues a warning, the individual who chooses to continually arrive late may be removed from the team at the coach’s discretion.

*If an athlete must miss practice or a competition and/or be late for practice or a competition, they must notify the coach of the respective sport in advance.



Obtaining a Varsity Letter in a sport is an achievement that is earned by student athletes who exhibit the athletic skills and/or the appropriate team character that makes him/her a valuable member of a team.




A varsity letter will be the awarding of a letter. In team sports, the earning of a Varsity Letter will be determined by the amount of time a player participates in varsity team competition. The coach will determine the amount of playing time that is necessary to earn a varsity letter. In individual sports, the earning of a varsity letter will be determined by specific placing of the athlete in district competition. This placing in the district competition shall be established by the coach of the sport prior to the district competition.

In addition to performance criteria and playing times used to assess an athlete’s achievement in a sport and consequent lettering, an athlete may also earn a varsity letter by demonstrating a commitment to the team via exceptional attendance to all practices and competitions.









When a player becomes ineligible to participate in interscholastic competition due to UIL academic probation, a player may still be considered to be a member of the team. Although certain privileges will not be permissible during the suspension as stipulated by the UIL (i.e., traveling with the team, dressing for games and sitting on bench, etc.), the player on UIL academic probation will still be required to adhere to all other rules and guidelines to continue to be a member of the team. By continuing to attend practices, the player will retain and improve skills and knowledge and maintain physical condition. He/she hopefully will rejoin the team with full privileges when he/she improves grades and regains eligibility. Players who opt to not continue attending practices risk exceeding the mandatory attendance requirement and consequently being removed from the team




Reasonable motor skills, fitness levels, and athletic abilities are necessary for participation in UIL sports. If, in the judgment of the coach of a sport, an individual does not posses these necessary qualities to safely participate in the said sport, the student may be denied the opportunity to participate in the UIL activity.





Team photographs will be taken at or very near the end of a sport’s season. Team membership and consideration of which individuals will be included in a team photograph (i.e., Junior Varsity, Varsity, etc.) will be determined by the coach of a sport. In the team and/or individual photographs, all athletes must be dressed in game or competition uniforms and be in accordance to UIL rules with regards to appropriate wearing of uniforms and wearing of jewelry.




All athletes who were members of any UIL sports team and remained members of a team for the entire season will be recognized as such during the annual sports banquet. Athletes who were members of a sports team, but did not finish a complete sport season as a member of a team, will not be recognized at this event as a member of the said team/sport.






At the start of the season, players will be issued uniforms and other equipment by the respective coach/es. All items will be numbered and recorded when issued to athletes. In addition, equipment contracts will be required to be completed with student and parent’s signatures acknowledging responsibility for the safekeeping and return of all equipment and uniforms issued to the athlete.




Uniforms and equipment issued to the athlete is intended for the sole purpose of providing that individual with equipment/uniform to use during UIL competition (with exception of possible wearing on game days to school and to and from competitions). Under no circumstances are uniforms to be worn by others. Athletes are not allowed to wear uniforms or use issued equipment for other purposes or for casual dress.




After each use, it is the responsibility of the athlete to properly clean the uniform and to provide other necessary care for uniform and equipment. Athletes who return equipment or uniforms that are torn, discolored, marked, etc. (beyond reasonable wear and tear due to appropriate use) will be responsible for the financial replacement of such items.






Once an athlete receives and signs contracts for equipment and uniform use, it becomes his/her responsibility. Should an athlete misplace the equipment or uniform, he/she will be financially responsible for the replacement cost of such items.




When an athlete is dressed in a sports uniform issued from Stacey High School , that uniform will be worn in accordance with UIL rules concerning the wearing of uniforms and acceptable dress codes. Shirttails will be tucked-in to waistbands, waist bands will be secured above hips, jewelry will not be worn, etc. In addition, travel attire will be worn in accordance with the Stacey High School dress code policy with the additional requirement that all shirttails will be tucked in pants. An athlete’s noncompliance to this may result in limitation of playing time or competition, suspension from competition, or removal from a team. When traveling to competition sites, travel attire will be worn and/or additional specific dress codes may be established by coach/es and adhered to by athletes at all times.




At the season’s conclusion or when a player is removed or removes him/herself as a member of a team, it is the responsibility of the athlete to return all materials (all items at one time) to the coach who initially issued equipment. Players should not give items to others to turn-in, turn-in equipment to front office, turn-in equipment to other coaching staff, etc. It will only be considered “turned-in” if the athlete returns all items to the coach/es of a particular sport. An athlete who fails to return any equipment or uniforms issued and/or fails to assume responsibility of paying for the replacement of unreturned or damaged items will be denied opportunity to participate in any future sports program at Stacey






Male athletes may not have facial hair and are required to be clean-shaven. Sideburns may not extend below earlobes and hair length of males may not extend over shirt collars or hang over the eyebrows. Regardless of gender, hair color will be a natural tint if colored or dyed. No unusual or non-traditional haircuts or hairstyles will be allowed (i.e., Mohawks, reverse Mohawks, spiked hair, etc.).



Since there are many occasions when student/athletes are dismissed from school so that they may travel to and participate in competitions at other locations, it is crucial that the student/athlete maintain an exemplary attendance record.


Consequences for excessive absences from school:

If a student/athlete is absent from school to the extent they have accumulated a total of fifty or more absences from classes they will be denied the opportunity to participate in a sport. If a student athlete is a member of a sport team and they accumulate fifty or more absences from school while they are a member of the team the student will be removed from the team/sport.


Consequences for excessive tardies to school:

If a student athlete is tardy to school to the extent that they have accumulated a total of five or more tardies from classes is a 9 week grading period, they will be denied the opportunity to participate in a sport. If the tardy limit is reached while a student is a member of a team the student will be removed from the team/sport.




*An athlete’s maximum effort is required during all practices and competitions. An athlete who fails to put forth a reasonable effort at any time may be removed from a practice or a competition. An athlete who routinely fails to put forth a reasonable effort may be removed from the team.

*Off-task or silly behaviors will not be tolerated during practices and competitions. An athlete who acts in an immature or juvenile manner may be removed from a practice or a competition. An athlete, who routinely acts in such ways to the point that they disrupt others, endangers themselves or others, or in any way upsets the team objective, may be removed from the team.

*If an athlete is suspended from school (either in school suspension or at home suspension), they will be ineligible to participate in any athletic practice or competition during that period of suspension. The athlete’s absence from practice under these circumstances will be considered to be an unexcused absence.

*If an athlete is issued a detention hall after school, they will be ineligible to participate in any athletic practice or competition on that day. The athlete’s absence from practice under these circumstances will be considered to be an unexcused absence.

*A student/athlete who makes bad choices that results in him/her being repeatedly placed in detention and/or suspension for any reason, may be suspended from competition for a period of time to be determined by the head coach of the sport, the athletic director, and the school administrator and/or removed from the team.

*A student/athlete who is confirmed to be using or consuming alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, drugs, or any other illegal controlled substances will be removed from the team or sport immediately and suspended from participation in future activities with the athletic program for a period of at least one year from the time of the violation.

*Athletes must always exhibit good sportsmanship. Failure to do so may result in limitations or suspensions to playing time/participation in competitions.

*Inappropriate behavior during contest, traveling to or from contest, acts of violence, disrespect, profanity, or any other unsuitable acts directed towards any coach, administrator, official, opponent, sponsor, fan, etc. – may result in suspension from teams and/or removed from the sport.

*Any athlete caught stealing in school or during any extracurricular activity may be dismissed from the athletic program for one calendar year pending administrative investigation and recommendation.

*No student will be allowed to travel to or from any athletic contest in a private vehicle without prior written approval from a parent or guardian. This written consent must be acknowledged from the coach of the respective sport.

*Personal music devices (i.e., cd players, mp3 players, ipods, etc.) will be used only while traveling on buses to competitions.

*Any other behaviors or actions by a student/athlete that are deemed unacceptable or inappropriate by the coach, the athletic department or the administration may be addressed by the coach and/or a committee consisting of the coach, the athletic director, and a school administrator for arbitration. Subsequent disciplinary action will be evaluated and enforced at the discretion of the coach or the committee.




I have read, understand, and will abide by the Athletic Department Rules/Guidelines and Policies as stated. I understand the commitment that is necessary and the behavior requirements that are expected of me to be a member of an athletic team or sport at Stacey Jr./Sr. High School and the possible consequences of failing to adhere to these expectations and requirements. Moreover, I understand that refusal to sign this agreement disqualifies me from participation in activities offered to me by the Stacey Jr./Sr. High School athletic department.

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