Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year! This site is for fifth grade math teachers, Mrs. Bragg and Mr. Payne.

Need extra help? Want some extra practice? How can I help my student?

Each student has a login and password to IXL. This website will help practice various topics in math on grade level. This is a perfect opportunity for your student to work on areas of weakness, or just practice more. Each student should have their login information on the inside cover of their agenda. The website is www.ixl.com and the school has already paid for their subscription. Please take advantage of this resource for your student!

Current Unit:

Fractions: Equivalent, Simplifying, Improper, Mixed Fractions, and Comparing Fractions

Addition and Subtraction of Fractions with Like Denominators

Be sure to study!

Vocabulary Test

Thursday, January 23rd

Continue to practice multiplication facts!

Vocabulary Words


mixed number


common denominator

improper fraction



less than

greater than


Important Dates:

Math STAAR:  Tuesday, April 1st

Reading STAAR: Wednesday, April 2nd

Science STAAR: Wednesday, April 23rd