Some advantages of 1 to 1 Technology:

• Students will be able to use online texts, enabling them to annotate and highlight materials for their personal reflection as well as writing research.

• Students will be able to share writing from rough draft to finished copy.

• Students will share presentations and respond in real time to demonstrations given by the teachers and peers.

• Students will have access to increased

research and global connections as they seek information portals and net-work with other students around the world.

• Students will collect, organize, analyze, and report experimental data, results, and conclusions in an efficient and professional matter.

• Students will take on-line quizzes and exams to test knowledge and evaluate understanding.

• Students will become creative presenters through the use of technology.

• Students will learn how to be discerning regarding the information and opportunities available online.

• Students will demonstrate enhanced writing skills and improved dialogue about the writing process.

• Students will become involved in collaborative learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

• Students will increase their research, collaboration, and reporting skills.

• Graduates will be even better pre-pared and experience greater success at the college level.

• Students will be equipped to be leaders in their post-secondary education and careers because they have become effective researchers, communicators, problem solvers, and innovators.