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Q: Is LISD PTSO part of a national organization?

A: NO. LISD PTSO is an independent organization local to LISD. It was chartered in this manner so that the funds we raise could be kept local to our school.

Q: Is LISD PTSO a nonprofit?

A: YES. We are truly a non profit organization. We use all of the funds we raise to help out around the school with many fun events as well as helping the teachers out in their class rooms.

Q: Does LISD PTSO serve both schools?

A: YES. PTSO has one board who serves both the Elementary school as well as Jr/Sr High.

Q: Since LISD PTSO is nonprofit, where do the monies raised go?

A: All of our money goes back into both schools. The money is used to supplement Graduation, Prom, Planners for the students, breakfast for TAKS week the Jr High dance among other things that might come up on the Jr/Sr High campus. We also help fund Field Day, Fall Carnival and Mercado for the Elementary school. We also give the teachers a small stipend every year which is used to supplement their classroom materials.

Q: How can I become a member or find out how to volunteer?

A. We have a volunteer questionnaire on our website and email.  We welcome all volunteers with open arms and during the "meet the teacher" night we have a volunteer sign-up.  We also send out membership flyers at the beginning of the year.  We charge a nominal fee for membership that helps us support the school.

Q: I work and don't have a lot of time during the day to volunteer, how can I support LISD?

A: We always need volunteers to help make phone calls and get support from outside and inside the base.  We also have several events that are after school that needs volunteers to run it (family nights, spring fling, fall carnival, etc...).  We suggest that every family volunteer 1 hour a year to the school in some way.