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Throughout the year, we work with local restaurants such as Chick-Fil-A, Bush's Chicken, and Texas Roadhouse to hold fundraisers at their restaurants.  THese are a great way to come out and chat with other parents, meet new people and eat some great food . . . all while supporting your school!!!

We also have Skate Night at Skateland just down the road on the 410, keep an eye on our website and in your child's backpack for this event!
Have you ever wondered where the monies raised go? Since we are not part of a national PTO/PTA, we do not have to pay national dues. So, all of the money we raise stays right here at Lackland Elementary and Stacey Jr/Sr High. We help support Stacey during graduation by giving support to the graduation reception as well as Prom Night. We also help support various clubs and organizations when the monies are available. The Elementary school is supported also by the funds we raise. We help the coaches with field day; we help various clubs with extra expenditures when we can; and we sponsor the Fall Festival which benefits both schools because the clubs, classes, band, and booster club are able to raise money. Every time you and your child attend an activity you can know that you had a part in it by attending these events!

In previous years we have supported the Lego Club, Homemakers Club, Boys and Girls Baskball teams, The Fisher House, Service Club, Individual Teachers with classroom supplies and books, both schools with new supplies for teacher events, and hosted several events honoring not only our great teachers but also the great staff of both schools . . . and OF COURSE the Kids!

Thank you so much for your support to Lackland Elementary and Stacy Jr/Sr High!