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Elementary iPad Distribution


As a result of COVID-19 spreading across the world, Lackland ISD has decided to shift to online instruction for our students.  In order for you to access this online instruction, you will need a reasonably modern computing device (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.) with both a microphone and a camera.  A wide variety of devices can be used, but please plan on your child using the device for a significant portion of the day.  We strongly encourage you to use your own device, if possible, to reduce both the work required of our staff as well as your exposure to any potential pathogens.

Scheduling a Pickup Date

As of this writing, the district has completed all scheduled iPad distributions.  If you are new registrant to the district, we will automatically set up a device for you and reach out to you to arrange a pickup.  As we are working limited in-person office hours, it may take us a few days to prepare your device.

If you are a current student or parent of a student who was unable to attend a distribution, please reach out to the student's classroom teacher.  That teacher will then submit a support request on your behalf so that we can arrange a pickup time.

Before Pickup Date

You MUST complete the iViSiON iPad Loan Agreement form online before we can establish a pickup date.  We CANNOT issue an iPad to you without this completed form!  YOU MUST COMPLETE ONE FORM FOR EVERY STUDENT FOR WHOM YOU WISH TO PICK UP AN IPAD.