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Preparing for Online Instruction

Fortunately for Lackland ISD, we have a very sophisticated and reliable infrastructure, so a pivot to online instruction should not pose a problem to our infrastructure.  It is, however, a pivot for how teachers teach, so we do ask that you grant our teachers your patience as they develop materials for online consumption.

Devices for Getting Online

Any reasonably-new device that can browse the internet and has a built-in webcam and microphone is likely suitable for online instruction.  This means that laptops (both Apple and Microsoft-based), tablets, iPads, and even many newer smartphones contain everything that's needed for online instruction.

If your child is a student at Stacey, you child already has an iPad that is capable of online instruction.  You are good-to-go.  If your child is a student at Lackland Elementary, take a moment to assess whether you already have a device capable of online instruction.  If you do, we encourage you to use that.  If you don't, you can come to campus on Friday to pick up an iPad, but you must do this in a hyper-organized fashion.  Details on that process is located on our Elementary iPad Distribution page.

If you run into an issue after Friday, please be in touch with us.  We'll work on figuring out a way to get your child(ren) online.

Run a Network Speed Test

One of the things that makes for an optimal experience with online instruction is a reasonably-speedy internet connection.  We encourage you to run a network speed test on the device you intend to use for online instruction if possible, and on another device if that's not possible.

To run a network speed test, visit one of the following sites:

These speed tests will report two different numbers to you, an upload speed and a download speed, measured in megabits-per-second (Mbps).  If both of these numbers are above 6 Mbps, you're good-to-go.  If either of them is below 6 Mbps, try another test site.  If all of the test sites are below 6 Mbps, make sure that your family isn't all streaming HD video and try again.  If you're still below 6 Mbps, you have a problem, and, if your plan with your service provider says that you should have more than that speed, you should reach out to them to address it.

Free/Low-Cost Internet

We have a dedicated page to provide information about free and low-cost internet offerings here in San Antonio.