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Technology Assistance

Getting Assistance

If you are a student or a parent having issues with online instruction, connectivity, or your district-issued devices, we want to help you!  We ask that you reach out first to your child's classroom teacher.  For Stacey students, please direct the request for help to the particular class in which the problem is occurring.  If the problem is unrelated to a particular class, please direct the request to their Learning Lab teacher.

The teacher will provide support for basic app questions where they are able to do so.  If the problem requires the assistance of the Technology Department, they will create a support incident and copy you on that incident.  Our system will automatically acknowledge that request with an email message.  When you get that reply, please save it.  If you need to provide us with additional information, simply reply to that message and your reply will be added on to your support incident.

The Technology Department has multiple tools at its disposal to provide remote support for your child.  To protect our staff from any potential viral exposure, we will first attempt to resolve your issue remotely.

In-Person Assistance

In the event that the Technology Department is unable to resolve your issue remotely, we will ask you to book an appointment to visit us in person.  The link to the booking form will be provided as a reply to your support incident.  Make note of the incident number, as you will be required to enter the incident number onto the booking form.  Bookings without an incident number will be cancelled.  The system will show all available bookings.  Simply select from the available times.

Lackland ISD cares very much about the health and safety of its students and staff.  Please carefully read the sections below so that you are familiar with precautions that we are taking to protect both you and the staff member working on your device.


All in-person assistance will be provided OUTSIDE of the doors of the Media Center.  Please plan accordingly: there will be no access to the facilities for any member of your party.

On rainy days, the meeting location may change to the cover immediately outside the front doors of the Elementary School.


At your appointed time, please walk up and place your device on the table.  After that, kindly observe social distancing requirements and step back from the table 6 feet.

Our technician will first sanitize your device.  Once that is complete, work on your device will commence.  We will do our best to avoid you having to touch the device.  If we need you to enter information into the device, please use the hand sanitizer provided.  Once work on your device has completed, the technician will step back from the table 6 feet, and you will then be invited to retrieve your device from the table.