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During school closure, our goal is to ensure that communication is consistent and that responses to your inquiries are prompt.  Teachers and administrators will remain available and may be contacted using their email address.  Our standard of responding to emails within a 24-hour window will not be compromised during the school closure. 

The following communication tools will be used:

Communication Tools


Lackland ISD’s main communication tool for parents and students will be broadcast email.  These messages are delivered using the email address(es) that you provided upon initial registration or enrollment updates.  Please take the appropriate steps to make sure these messages don’t go unnoticed in your spam or junk mailboxes. 


Lackland ISD’s home page will provide urgent and timely notices that will direct you to appropriate web pages for further information. 


Communications by telephone may be limited due to status of available business lines.  In this regard, email communication may prove to be the best initial way to make contact for personal questions.  You can find a staff member’s address by visiting the appropriate campus, district, and/or department web page for contact information.

Online Communication Timelines for Implementation

Phase 1 Administrators will communicate school closure information and provide access to necessary resources for students and teachers.  This will include necessary technologies and is dependent upon access to school and district facilities.  
Phase 2 Teachers will revise/ develop plans for online instructional delivery and contact each student individually to share where to access their child’s content.  Initial lessons will provide an opportunity to review previously taught learning objectives. 
Phase 3 Teachers will provide lessons in every area with appropriate supports and continue to revise/develop plans for online instruction. Students will engage to complete and submit assignments for grading.
Phase 4 Teachers will begin communicating student participation and progress status for grade reporting.

*During COVID-19 related closures each phase is estimated to be about week in length.