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Content Delivery

Students will have access to digital materials and instructional activities to remain in online learning during the time that schools remain closed.

Instructional Delivery Models

Asynchronous, self-paced, instruction will be delivered using the Lackland ISD, learning management system.  Digital instruction will be provided through Canvas for all grades.  Please monitor your child’s progress in Canvas as well as their use of the technologies.  (We have a "Quick Start" page for parents located here.)


Live, synchronous, instruction will be delivered using Lackland ISD’s preferred videoconferencing application.  This application is already installed on your child’s district-owned device.  Your child’s teacher may record live lessons and make them accessible for those who require self-paced instructional opportunities.  However, other participants, viewing or engaging with online instruction, shall not record lessons to support our goal to protect the privacy of our students.  



  • Grades will not be taken during Phase 1 of the school closure. 
  • Grades will be taken for participation and on appropriate assignments to reflect mastery of instructional content. 
  • Assignments should be submitted in a timely manner to avoid a final course grade of an incomplete.
  • Grades will be entered in TxConnect promptly and within 3 days of the submission due date.
  • Teachers will utilize discretion regarding the submission 
  • Teachers may use a number of measures as informal and formative assessments to determine student progress to include timed assessments, open-book tests, and surveys that are delivered using Canvas. 
  • Grading categories and weights may change during school closures to align with the instructional model.  For example, the weight of tests might be reduced.