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Counselors and Social Emotional Support Coordinator


  • Share consistent “office hours” when you will be available for questions for a minimum of 4 hours a day, one hour of routine availability and three hours for scheduled appointments. 

Guidance Lessons

  • Create grade appropriate guidance lessons for students to complete at home.  These lessons will be posted weekly within individual teacher or counselor learning management system (LMS) courses. 


  • Review 504 accommodations to make appropriate adjustments to align with online instruction.  Communicate disruptions to services to parents as appropriate. 

Responsive Services

  • Contact families that may need or have requested support 
  • Communicate mental health tips for students and staff
  • Communicate a system for if a student has an emotional need that requires immediate intervention
  • Communicate how to schedule supports with appropriate counselors
  • Share organizational strategies for online learning or help students create their own
  • Provide a list of local resources to families, if needed.
  • Provide virtual assistance within specified guidelines that require parent availability in the event of the need for onsite support.
  • Specify that students use ear buds to support confidentiality and do not allow recordings. 


  • Provide support / intervention services for students who are not participating in or completing online learning assignments.
  • Communicate graduation status with seniors and provide appropriate supports. 
  • Continue work on master schedules and course assignments for the 2020-2021 school year.