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Teachers and Instructional Support Staff

Resources and Preparation

  • Take home school laptop and use it for all official business
  • Take home resources needed for lesson planning
  • Review pre-recorded technology lessons and/or attend live webinars to support for appropriate use of technology tools 

Lesson Planning

  • Work collaboratively with your instructional coaches and grade-level professional learning community to create digital lessons and assignments for students
  • Post lessons and assignments in the district’s learning management system (LMS).
  • Share plans with administrators and appropriate instructional support staff
  • Ensure that lessons are structured to require minimal parent support with supervision, as appropriate.

Live Teacher Assistance and Video Lessons Online

  • Pre-recorded video lessons can be used for online instruction
  • Lessons will be uploaded to the learning management system (LMS) for student retrieval. 
  • Live support may occur using the district-designated videoconferencing platform(s). 
  • Live Teacher Assistance may occur between 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. on each school day.  Each teacher, grade level, or content department team will select and publish times he/she is available each day during those hours.  A minimum of 2 hours is required each day with one hour permanently scheduled and the other hour established by appointment. 
  • Ensure that your administrator is included on invitations for live sessions. 
  • Teacher leaders will work with administrators to ensure that support is offered at various times of the day rather than all subjects taking place at the same time.


  • Grades will not be taken during Phase 1 of the school closure. 
  • Grades will be taken for participation and on appropriate assignments to reflect mastery of instructional content. 
  • Assignments should be submitted promptly to avoid a final course grade of an incomplete.
  • Grades will be entered in the student information system (SIS) promptly and within 3 days of the submission due date.
  • Teachers will utilize discretion regarding the submission 
  • Teachers may use several measures as informal and formative assessments to determine student progress to include timed assessments, open-book tests, and surveys that are delivered using the learning management system (LMS). 
  • Grading categories and weights may change during school closures to align with the instructional model.  For example, the weight of tests might be reduced.


  • Teachers will communicate with students and parents during school closures weekly. 
  • Daily emails or announcements on the learning management system (LMS) will be forwarded to share information about assignments, grades, and teacher assistance times / office hours. 
  • Continue to check and respond to email daily.
  • Establish a google voice account (attached to a personal email) to use to phone parents, as needed.
  • Establish a routine workday to ensure work and life balance.