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Special Education

Helping Students Reach Their Potential

Lackland I.S.D. Special Education Services are designed to provide a free and appropriate education for students with one or more disabilities who reside within the Lackland School District.

Lackland I.S.D. accomplishes this through individual instruction in general and special education.  Special education services range from full inclusion in general education to off campus placement. Lackland I.S.D. is dedicated to having students with disabilities learn side-by-side with their non-disabled peers in the general education classroom by providing necessary supports, accommodations, and/ or modifications.

Removing a student from the regular education environment is only considered when these efforts have not been successful.



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Marisol Murphree

Co Op

Barbara Nugent

ESL Teacher

Jaime Ryan

Inclusion Teacher

Erin Steele


Michelle Thompson

Special Education Teacher

Amanda Winter

Inclusion Teacher