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iPad 1:1 Program

Lackland ISD has an exciting and effective iPad 1:1 program that has been in place for several years now, dramatically enhancing the opportunities and resources available for our students.  A "1:1 program" simply refers to the ratio of iPads to students.  In other words, at Lackland ISD, every student in grades 1-12 has an iPad dedicated to them for their use.  We also maintain iPads in our Pre-K classrooms for student use as well, though at a higher ratio (typically about 5 iPads to about 20 students).

Grades 6-12: Home Use

Under the program, all students in grades 6-12 are eligible to have an iPad issued to them by the school district while they are a student here.  These iPads are "checked out" to the student, and the student is allowed to bring the device home.  For those parents that are concerned about device usage while at home, software is installed on the iPads that will enable the parent to control the device while it is at home.  While we understand the apprehension about the potential distractions that these devices can introduce, we firmly believe in the additional resources and opportunities that these devices will provide.  As a result, we seek to provide parents with the tools necessary to help students to remain on task while at home.

Grades 1-5: School Use

Students in grades 1-5 will leverage the iPads as part of their normal classroom work.  While students in these grades are not allowed to take their device home, rest assured that each student has their own dedicated iPad.  Classroom teachers assign these iPads to students shortly after their enrollment in the district.  The iPads are kept in charging carts located within the classrooms for the easy accessibility of our teachers and students.