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Damage to iPads

Damage to iPads does occasionally occur, though Lackland ISD students, as a whole, are remarkably careful with their devices.  Moreover, the district utilizes "ruggedized" cases on the iPads, which are specialized cases designed to better shield and protect the iPad.  Parents with children who are particularly accident-prone, though, may wish to consider purchasing insurance through their agent.  If your agent does not offer such insurance, you can find a list of companies offering such a service on our Recommended Insurance page.

Damage to iPads

Believe us, we do understand the frustration and the guilt felt when an iPad is damaged.  However, if your student has damaged his/her iPad, it's far easier for everyone if you let us know right away.  Waiting until the last moment is not a good idea . . . particularly for graduating seniors, who must take care of the obligation before they're allowed to walk at graduation.

The good news is that we are able to repair these devices at corporate rates that are significantly less than what ordinary consumers would pay, so the cost to repair is not as expensive as you would think.  As of this writing, the most common damage that we see to an iPad is a cracked/broken screen, and, for most of the iPad models in use in the district, that repair is only about $80.00.  (Note that this price is subject to change, depending on market conditions.)

Because we do not want our students to be deprived of the rich resources available to them on the iPad, we will typically issue another iPad right away.  We'll then repair the broken iPad, and we'll send the parents a bill for the repair costs.  The faster a student comes to see us about a damaged iPad, the faster we can get that student back up-and-running on a different iPad.

Lost or Stolen iPads

If your student has lost his/her iPad, please reach out to the Technology Department right away.  We have tracking and monitoring software installed on all our district iPads, and we can usually tell you the general location of the device.  This may help a student remember where he/she misplaced it.

Stolen iPads are typically another matter.  Individuals who steal iPads are typically aware of what to do to avoid the device being located, and recovery of these devices is infrequent.  The district does require that you file a police report reporting the theft.  The good news is that most homeowner's and renter's policies cover such belongings when outside the home.  Check with your insurance agent to determine whether your policy covers such theft, or visit our Recommended Insurance page to see if a company listed there can meet your needs.  Be sure to check with us on the current replacement cost of the device first before filing a claim with your insurance company.  You may discover that the replacement cost is less than your deductible!

Like with iPad damage, please don't suffer in frustration and guilt.  Again, we will typically get the student a replacement iPad right away so that he/she continues to have access to the rich resources offered by them.  We will order a replacement for the lost or stolen iPad, and we will bill you for that replacement cost.  While the benefit for a lost or stolen iPad is not as dramatic as with a damaged one, you can still save a few bucks by going through us.

Note that all lost or stolen iPads are replaced with new equipment.  Parents are responsible for the full replacement cost of the device; there is no discount based on the age of the device issued.