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Parental Controls

We understand . . . it's great to feel in control!  Fortunately, for parents of Lackland students, there's some control to be had over our district-issued iPads!

If you were hesitant about a district-issued iPad because of concerns about appropriate use while the student is at home, we've got some good news: our iPad management software offers parental controls.  During school hours, the district's policies will apply.  After school hours, parents can further tweak district policies to meet the more individualized needs of their family.

You can read more about the features available directly from the software manufacturer, and you can create an account to manage other devices that your student might use.  To add a district-issued iPad to your account, you'll need a passcode from us.  Contact the Stacey Instructional Technologist to get a set of directions and that passcode.  Here's the contact info: